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Benjamin Koh

Graphic Designer

Alexis Choong

Web Designer

I spent most of my non-working days on the beach. By emptying my mind I can leave room for more stuff in my head. Stuffs like colour combination, new typo techniques or graphical manipulation. Someone once asked me if I had to be a fruit, what would I be. I told her point blank, "I'd be a potato" and back came the reply "well that's not a fruit". So I say to her, "It is if you consider me a creative person".

I love my work. I love my rabbits. I hope one day to merge the two into one. So it's either I bring my rabbits to work, or I quit my job and work with rabbits, and if I wish to keep my rabbits, I will need to work harder to buy them nice foods. But hey, at least my rabbits love me, and I love my job.

To me design is probably the most complex job there is. But there is also all the fun that comes after that. Complex because nothing can be perfect, it can never be, and it is always not good enough. There is no such thing as a 1+1=2 here, unpredictable is key. Fun because there is always a boundary to be pushed, always something new to explore. I guess I just have to live with the evil twins. If I can't beat them, I'll definitely join them. I know I won't be a lawyer!

Curiosity kills the cat. But not the designer, we need to be curious by nature because from the urge to know more we can find new perspective and solution for everything. The moment we stop asking questions we will never acquire new knowledge and improvement will seem impossible. When it comes to designing, we should be naturally curious in all the elements that forms the bigger picture. We need to see it from the top.

Wai Bin

Graphic Designer

Nature has a lot to offer. Just look around us and observe, we will see that every little detail of life is made of the delicate design of mother nature. We can learn so much from it or we can simply ignore its grand gesture. We can always apply these lessons into our designs such as colour combination, shape, structure, form and function. It really is the magical palette for design, and it's free.

Taufik Kurniawan

Web Designer

Actually the history of design spans as far back as the first homosapien's arrival. The caveman's drawing must have been the first form of art appreciation from our ancestors. So I am only continuing the tradition in the art of appreciation, only thing different is the platform and audience. We no longer use the cave but computers and papers, and our audience is more likely customers who pays for the products of my clients.

Solving problems. As a designer, I am always looking for the problem, then the solution. If I can't identify the problem, then there will be no solution to look out for. So in every project there is always a problem to be rectified, it is the question of whether or not we want to create the problem itself so that we get a chance to improvise. We can always pretend that an ape is an ape, or we can always teach them some new tricks and see what happens!

I believe there are always two sides of a coin. That goes with design too, where creativity and logic plays hand in hand. Sometimes we may need to push ourselves further to be daring enough to create, yet at other times it pays to be logical in our methods. To me design is life itself, you just have to be who you are and be brave if we want to be creative or on the other hand, be entirely logical when we see a doctor.

Yoyo Li

Graphic Designer

I love working with design. It's an opportunity to open doors to new thinking and believe. Because when we put on our thinking cap, so much more can happen. Suddenly you realize you are more talented than you think, or you would say, "How come I never thought of it before". It basically gives you the enlightenment just like when Buddha found his purpose under a tree. Well in my case, design gave me the purpose to be creative.

Most of the time I don't see myself as a designer, instead I'd prefer to be doing everything mundane at times. So for once in a while I would feel totally renewed after all the boring things in life. It's kind of like going vegetarian for a long time and then, for a change, a week of meat will do you some good. At least this same theory can be applied to being a boss i think, being nice is great but once in a while you will have to show them all who's the real boss is.

Vladimir Yuri

Web Designer

Kaye Cheng

Graphic Designer

Christine Hayes

Graphic Designer

Grace Law

Graphic Designer

Andrew Fischer

Graphic & Web Designer